A Saving Grace

A collaboration of poetry and playwriting with Lorna Crozier, this play is based on Lorna Crozier’s book A Saving Grace.

Gail and Bob live in Horizon Saskatchewan. Their lives are turned upside down when Sheila comes back to town with the death of her mother. Gail’s secret is revealed and she must come to terms with her muse, Mrs.Bentley, who won’t stop pursuing her until she is heard.

This is a work in progress. Production dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

The Indigo Kids

Tina Biello wrote and acted in this children’s play written for a school tour. The play is about an autistic child and how they manage—or don’t manage—at school.

Jesse is a writer and has a very unique story to share. She and her best friend Susie venture to tell Jesse’s story about her first day of school, and beyond. Jesse has autism, and as the play progresses, the audience sees how the simplest of tasks are not so easy for her.

Jesse, Susie, Gigi, and the other characters go on an adventurous ride through school memories and Jesse learns through trial and error how to communicate with everyone in the “outside world.”

One Song Staircase

Collaboration with Humanity in Art, mural artists, to create art for downtown Nanaimo space that speaks to collective experience during Covid 19.

Symphony Soundbites, a Collaboration with Poet Tina Biello and Composer Katerina Gimon

A world premiere was set to showcase March 19, 2020, but was canceled due to COVID-19. Will be rescheduled with the Vancouver Island Symphony for Season 2021/2022

Art Song Lab

A Vancouver International Song Institute Program where Poets, Composers and Performers come together.


Dolci Momenti

Poems from Momenti composed into a CD selection, by two singer songwriter sisters from Cape Breton, Annette Coffin and Marguerite Thorne.


Home is Where the Food is

An animated documentary following every ingredient of a delicious meal to its wholesome local source. Co-written with Jody Kramer. Animated by Jody and narrated by Tina.